Valerie Rainford

Valerie Rainford is an author, speaker and leader who believes that everything that has occurred in her life was intended to test her will and resilience and to prove that success can be achieved despite the struggle that may precede it.

Valerie endured a series of traumatic experiences in her young life, including the suicides of her brother and mother but stayed true to the strong ethics passed down to her from her parents and grandparents and a determination to beat the odds. After graduating from Fordham University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, she was appointed as an officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the age of 29—the youngest ever at that time in the Fed’s history.

In addition to being a successful senior banking executive, Valerie is a writer, speaker, teen/community advocate and mentor who uses her work to inspire others to see past their current circumstances, whether in the workplace or in their personal lives to reach their full potential.  Valerie was honored in 2007 by the Network Journal magazine as one of “25 Influential Black Women in Business” and in 2009 by the Harlem YMCA as a “Black Achiever in Industry.” She has appeared on TV shows such as: the Black Enterprise Business Report and Brooklyn Savvy and has been featured in multiple publications including Black Enterprise magazine and Adecco’s Leadership Tribute to Women.

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